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(Biscuits  couriered countrywide)

Cupcakes and Candy Supplies custom made one of a kind top quality cakes, cake toppers, biscuits & cake pops to people who are looking for the real thing. A homemade tasty treat with designs of their own choice.

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Baking Good Cupcakes

We know that you will get something special when you order our cupcakes, after all the 'The proof of the cupcakes is in the eating’, and they look as good as they taste.

We have been making  fancy cupcakes for coffee shops, events, etc., and of course, for that very special event - your wedding

We make: Chocolate cupcakes, vanilla cupcakes, ginger cupcakes, we also supply iced cupcakes and decorated cupcakes, cupcake toppers & a whole lot more.

Fill in your details on our contact page and you will soon be nibbling on beautiful cupcakes.
To us, the decorating of cupcakes is more an art than it is a craft. Our decorated cupcakes are something to see, and even better to eat. 

About cupcakes
The first mention of the cupcake can be traced as far back as 1796, when a recipe notation of "a cake to be baked in small cups" was written in American Cookery by Amelia Simms.The earliest documentation of the term cupcake was in “Seventy-five Receipts for Pastry, Cakes, and Sweetmeats” in 1828 in Eliza Leslie's Receipts cookbook.