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Homemade Biscuits

On this page you can see images of homemade biscuits. The decorations too are homemade. In fact there are no components of these homemade biscuits that are not made at home by hand.

Jill has been making homemade biscuits for more than 10 years and the variety and quality continue to improve, which is difficult to do when they are as good as they are.

You can get any shape you want, all you have to do is call or email to discuss.

It's love and first bite. Look at the photos and see if any of them match the homemade biscuits you are looking for, then contact us to get a quote or place an order. If not, contact us either by phone or email and we will discuss what you want & then create something new and magic just for you. We make ginger, vanilla & chocolate biscuits of just about any shape you can imagine. Every homemade biscuit is sealed in its own cellophane packet to keep in the freshness

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